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Lately I’ve been getting kind of hardcore back into collecting Pokemon cards. I spent years of my life building a collection and I want to pick up the hobby again. It’s funny though because I never had any interest in the card game itself, I just wanted to collect the cards–and I do remember that it always made me feel like an actual trainer, and the cards I had were my Pokemon, or something like that.

I asked to have my fairly large collection of cards sent up from where I used to live, so they should arrive soon. The other day I went out and bought a binder and some plastic… card protector things, which I aim to put the cards in, obviously. While I was out I bought a new booster pack.

And go figure my first booster pack in years and I’d get a rare and HYPER RARE card. I feel very rewarded… which is a dangerous feeling because now I’m even more motivated to pick this hobby up again. Guess I will officially!

In other news, a friend of mine who was previously just an online friend is now my irl friend as of a week ago. It's weird, I haven't had a offline friend in years and years (like over 10 years lol) and I'm... not quite sure what people do together. I feel like I'm the most boring friend in the world. ;; But I'm sure this is very good for me.
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So I just got back from Jo-Ann to get the last few pieces (hopefully) for completing my lolita accessories.

I had trouble finding lace at first. I thought it would be with the fabrics, but the only lace I found in the fabrics section was special order bridal lace. It turns out that the regular lace is kept in spools in the area where ribbons and whatnot are, go figure.

When I went to the cutting desk the employee there was talking to a lady, and the employee suddenly turned to me and was like "what color is an octopus???" I WAS REALLY CONFUSED LOL and I think it showed, but I answered, and she apologized for the sudden bizarre question. Apparently the lady she was talking to wanted to make an octopus plush for her son so she was trying to find the appropriate color fabric. She went back and got something along the lines I told her, but it was too blue, so I went back with her and helped her find a good one. image

I got some very pretty lace that I'm excited to use
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So back on the 17th, I turned 25. That's an odd thing, I still feel like I'm a teenager. I just happen to also be married and own a home.

I can't say I did anything spectacularly interesting on my birthday, but Rob and I had a nice dinner. It helped that he was able to get the day off from work so we could actually spend it together. I definitely think it would have severely dampened my enjoyment if he had had to work.

On the 23rd I met an online friend of mine for the first time offline, and we went for lunch. It was fun! He's moving up to Philadelphia in August so I'm very excited. He'll become an offline friend, something I haven't had since elementary school (how sad is that lol).

Other than that things are same old. My face is still busted. I should probably see my doctor about it, but I don't know what to do if she wants imaging done. I can't afford that. :\
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nice to have a nice day.

I had a great day today! I had enough energy to be out and about basically all day and I feel awesome because of it. And to make it even better hubby had the day off so we got to do all these things together ♥

We were able to take a nice walk over to hubby's parents' house, and then went shopping mostly but I still had a great time. I was looking around for this thing but couldn't find it anywhere so I ended up having to buy it from Amazon. Oh well. Other than that we got piggy food and groceries.

I also dusted off the Wii and started up Wii Fit again. According to the Wii Fit I am overweight (currently at about 135 lbs because I gained a lot recently lol......) but that's fine because just the other day I started back on Weight Watchers. I'll be walking almost daily, doing the Wii Fit thing, and doing Weight Watchers, so I should be back in track soon enough, hopefully.

Myyyy legs are sore from walking around so much today 
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Lately I've been a little stressed out. Not a tremendous amount or anything, but my emotions have been all out of whack for a good portion of each day.

Hubby got a job offer that had better hours and benefits than the approximate same job at the place he works now. But it came at a time when he feels somewhat tied to his current job, as he likes some of the people there, and they were in the process of promoting him. So, he was reluctant.

I admit that I wanted him to take the other job for kind of selfish reasons -- namely, the better hours. I don't get much time with him these days. Sometimes he leaves at 3:30 and doesn't come back until after 1 in the morning. Sometimes he gets called in on his days off. I don't have anyone to spend time with, so I'm just here... all alone, all day. I've been so incredibly soul-crushingly lonely, so I was hoping he'd get the better hours job so we could spend more time together.

Anyway, since he's fine with his current job and there wasn't a big pay difference, he stayed with it and took the promotion.

I'm a little unsure, but he said his new position will have a more consistent schedule that he will have more control over because he'll be writing the schedules. I guess I feel a little better now, but the whole thing has made me feel like a big whiny baby.

I'm still happy that he managed to climb he ranks to service manager, just... I don't know.
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I'm going back to Weight Watchers.

I'm not overweight or anything (my BMI is 24) but I'm still not comfortable with my body at all. I'm getting to a point where I'm becoming comfortable with the kind of person I am, so I want to try to be comfortable with my body as well. Not saying losing more weight will be a magical fix or anything, but it would certainly help.

I say more because I did WW for a while and already lost about 20-30 lbs, and then stopped using WW for some reason. Let's get back on it, maybe I can reach my goal!


a not-doing-anything day.

I was on such a good streak of getting things done, being kinda productive, and taking walks in the morning. But today I hurt a lot so I haven't even gotten dressed at all.

I feel bad because I was doing so well, but I guess it can't be helped.
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Today is an absolutely gorgeous day, so I took Tasha for a walk around the neighborhood. It takes a walk on a nice day to fully appreciate how beautiful and peaceful the area we live in is.

I also took a walk to Walgreens but that was more utilitarian.

But in general I want to take more walks, especially before it gets hot. Living in such a nice area is a waste if I don't get out and enjoy it (also it's healthy or something?). It feels good to be somewhat productive, I just wish I had more energy in order to get more things done. One step at a time I guess ♪

I feel like today is going to be great, so here's hoping. Later on we're heading over to hubby's parents' house for a Mother's Day dinner or something like that. image